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Leapfrog your
DevOps automation journey

Acquire a custom internal developer platform in just 7 days!

Built and managed for you by our team of cloud-native experts.

Platform Engineering Approach

You need a custom platform to manage deployments and cloud infrastructure

Platform engineering approach to DevOps automation has proven benefits. Making it a ‘must-have’ in current competitive environment.

“Highly evolved technology organisations adopt platform engineering to unlock DevOps success at scale.”

“By 2026, 80% of software engineering organisations will establish platform teams to provide reusable services, components, and tools for application delivery”

Should you build one?

Sure, but most teams get stuck doing so

Building and maintaining an in-house developer platform can be tough, time-consuming, and expensive. Here’s why.

Cloud native space is complex

Choosing the right set of components from 100s of options.

Then getting them to work together without breaking.

Managing security and integrity every time there is an update.

The complexity increases exponentially with every new component you add.

You will need a team of experts

Finding, hiring, and retaining high-quality engineers has always been challenging.

Low availability + high demand.

Low Bandwidth

Who take time to build and optimise the platform

Most engineering teams run low on bandwidth. An internal project like this usually gets deprioritised and put on a back-burner.

Best case scenario, it might take months (even years) to build and optimise the platform.

Then a dedicated team is needed to maintain and update it.

All this while, you keep incurring high costs

Till the time your fully automated platform is ready and optimised, your cost of operations will be high.

Outlay Costs

People cost

Paying high salaries to a team of expert engineers

Cloud cost

Incurring high infrastructure costs till the process gets optimised

Potential revenue loss

Regularly crashing app can lead to a bad user experience and loss of sales

Opportunity Costs

Losing out to competition

Competition shipping out new feature updates faster than you

Inefficient use of time

Spend less time building stuff and more time firefighting

Regular delays

High latency in operation cycles resulting in deployment backlogs and over-provisioned infrastructure

Frequent failures

Frequent deployment failures and app crashes due to non-standardised manual processes


Get what you want, without the hassle and overheads

What if you could acquire a custom application platform in 7 days, then have a team of experts manage it for you?

That’s where we come in.

We offer

A ready, time-tested application platform. We call it ‘Castor’.

Which we customise and manage for you.

You get

High performance DevOps at scale.

Without the complexity and overheads.

Get started in days, not months

Why build from scratch?

When you can just configure a ready, time-tested application platform for your needs.

Work with domain experts

Avoid potential pitfalls and ensure best practices are followed.

Work with experts who have done this over and over again.

Reduce overheads & costs

No need to hire a dedicated in-house team of platform engineers.

Optimise infrastructure costs from day one.

Create more internal bandwidth

Free up time and resources to focus on core business activities.

While we build and manage your platform for you.

Castor logo Vertical white

Castor Platform

DevOps best practices, packaged as an application platform.

Built on top of Kubernetes.

How it works

Castor makes platform engineering adoption quick, effortless, and affordable

Experience our high-tech, high-touch approach to platform engineering

Quick to get started

Get a head-start against your competition. Acquire a custom end-to-end automated application platform in just 7 days.

Explore our step-by-step onboarding process.

Jumpstart with a ready platform

Castor is built, continuously tested and optimised for 2+ years by cloud native experts.

From day one, you get a stable, time-tested platform.

Discovery call

Our team of platform engineers will first understand your application architecture, devOps requirements, and team structure.

We then proceed with a platform demo and evaluate fit in your context.

Custom platform set-up and POC

We then configure the platform to match your business needs today and in the future.

The set-up follows with an optional 14-day PoC for contextual evaluation.

We manage the platform for you

Once set-up, we manage the platform for you, while your team can focus on your core app.

Castor has created so much more time and bandwidth for us.

What my team of engineers would have built in 6-7 months, we could acquire in just 5 days.

Today, all our DevOps is managed by just one person having 3 years of experience.

Now we have extra budget to hire more developers on the left side.

Castor is a must-have for every tech start-up.
Arko Dhar
Founder & CTO, Redinent

Effortless to work with

Easily manage deployments and infrastructure management with lean team. While our engineers manage the platform for you.

Learn more about roles and responsibilities, managed services, and support.

Affordable for everyone

Get all the benefits of owning a custom application platform at a fraction of your allocated budget.

We provide 10x value for your investments.

Castor pays for itself, and more.

In the first 3 months only, Castor has helped reduce our AWS costs by 56%. Which in our case, is 7x Castor’s subscription cost!

And then there are the manpower and opportunity costs it saves.

Investing in Castor is a no-brainer.
Sanatan Photo
Dr. Sanatan
Sr. Director - Data Sciences, InveniAI GmbH

Get results that make you proud

High Speed and Stability.
Low Costs and Overheads.

Our customers report improvement over all key DevOps metrics from day one

Deployment Frequency

On Demand

Lead time for changes

1 min to 1 hour (Task dependent)

Mean time to Recovery

Less than one hour

Change failure rate

Less than 5%

Cloud costs

Average 36% reduction

Developer bandwidth

46% more time for core activities

Let's get started

Get quick wins. Build a robust devOps foundation, right from the start.