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Onboarding Process

Getting started is quick and easy

Acquire a custom end-to-end automated application platform in just 7 days.


You don't need much to get started

Castor is inclusive. No matter your size or scale, your organisation deserves a world class devOps.

Here’s all you need to get started.

A containerised application

Kubernetes requires your app to be containerised.

Not yet done?
Don't worry. Our engineers will guide you through.

Set-up related information

We require information such as your application architecture, AWS and GIT access, and current build & deploy process.

Keep them handy.

One junior DevOps engineer

You just need one DevOps engineer with 2-3 years experience to use Castor. Or even a developer with some DevOps know how.

Castor already has DevOps best practices built-in. So you don't need senior level engineers to start with.

Castor Set-up

The 7 day set-up process

Acquire a customised application platform by this time next week!

Day 1
Cluster creation

Cluster creation and infrastructure set-up is done by our engineers.

Day 2
CI/CD pipeline

We connect the application source-code repositories and build the CI/CD pipeline.

Day 3
Set-up best practices

Our engineers will configure best practices unique to your application.

These can be setting up configurations, deployment patterns, logging, limits, auto-scaling considerations, and additional infrastructure.

Day 4
Deploy and test

We deploy the application in staging environment. We then provide platform onboarding training to your team.

You can choose to extend this stage for a 14-day free pilot.

Day 5 & 6

We fix all issues faced by your team during testing and answer your queries, if any.

Day 7
Platform launch

Together, we evaluate platform fit and performance across all key identified metrics.

Upon your approval, we deploy your application in production through our platform. Fully functional.

Continued support

Need more handholding?

Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

It usually takes 2-3 weeks to get comfortable with using the platform. We walk alongside you all that while.

Weekly calls

We schedule 4 weekly calls in the first month post set-up.

Why read documentation when you can speak directly to the architects of the platform?

Email support

Getting stuck?

Email us your queries at

Our engineers will respond within 24 hours.

It took me 3 weeks to get comfortable with Castor.

In the first 3 months itself, Castor has helped reduce our AWS costs by 56%. Which in our case, is 7x Castor’s subscription cost!

And then there is the manpower and opportunity costs it saves.

Investing in Castor is a no-brainer.
Satish Rajurkar
DevOps Manager, Redinent

Working with Castor

Once set-up, working with Castor is effortless

Easily manage deployments and infrastructure management with a lean team.

While our engineers manage the platform for you.

Day-to-day operations

Be in total control.
While doing less work.

Your app, your rules.

You define them, we ensure they are followed.

Automated deployments

Ship quickly and reliably

Deliver the best version of your app to your customers whenever you want.

Git push to live deployment in 5 mins with an end-to-end automated CI/CD pipeline.

No more

Automated Deployments
Data Driven Engineering

Data-Driven engineering

Run experiments with ease

Performance varies with changes in your app or scale.

Castor makes it easy for you to set-up and run experiments. Monitor the impact, make configuration changes and arrive at the most optimised infrastructure.

All while using a simple to use GUI.

Manage infrastructure without


Scale seamlessly

Castor automatically scales your infrastructure, storage, and databases in response to changing demand. 

Orchestrating a perfect balance between availability, performance, and resource utilisation.


Auto Scaling

Roles and Responsibilities

So then, who does what?


We provide you the functionalities. You use them.

It's like you have done all the wiring and plumbing.

All one needs to do is use the taps and switchboards.

Suraj Nath
Suraj Nath
Senior Software Engineer, Grafana Labs

Your Team

Uses functionalities
  • Git push to deploy application​
  • Configure infrastructure​
  • Set and run automated testing​
  • Set environments as needed​
  • Manage incidents​

Team Castor

Provides functionalities
  • Provide CI/CD automation
  • Provisioning and auto-scaling automation
  • Provide set-up for testing automation
  • Automation for environment set-up
  • Support for platform related incidents

Managed Services

Rest assured with a constantly evolving stack

We practice high architecture vitality.

Our engineers constantly upgrade, test, and optimize the platform to ensure the highest levels of stability, security, and performance.

Kubernetes update    |    19 Sept 2022

We have updated the default configuration of clusters to Kubernetes V1.23

AWS Availability Zones   |    23 Aug 2022

Target specific availability zones for clusters and node groups are now available on Castor

ARM workloads   |   14 Jun 2022

Castor now supports building and running ARM workloads.

Auto-scaling database update    |    24 Apr 2022

The latest Aurora serverless v2 database is now available to be used with Castor.

Kubernetes update    |    17 Apr 2022

Castor is now compatible with Kubernetes v1.22. Clusters are available now for both the new k8s version along with support for those on the older version.

Load Balancer update    |    11 Apr 2022

We have added a new component, Network load balancer with proxy protocol V2 is now available on Castor.

Storage update    |    28 Mar 2022

Castor’s storage options now include both AWS EFS and EBS storage classes.

Ingress update    |    12 Mar 2022

Our Ingress component now supports both TCP and UDP services.


Get the help you need to succeed

Dedicated, hands-on support. Directly from the experts.

Technical Support

Something failed, or not working as planned? Contact us for immediate resolution.

24 Hours.
Automated escalations.

'How to' requests

Getting stuck or have queries related to using the platform? Reach out to us.

24-48 Hours.
Automated escalations.

Upgrades & Migrations

Planning a major infrastructure changes like platform upgrades, or cloud migration? Let's do it together.

Planned Support.

Let's get started

You focus on development. While we manage your platform for you.