Castor Platform

DevOps best practices, packaged as an application platform.

Built on top of Kubernetes.

Castor K8S services

Castor is end-to-end automated

Unlock devOps automation with self-serve capability

Why do piecemeal automation?

When in the next 7 days, you can get everything you need to enable high performance devOps at scale.

Automated Deployments
Infrastructure Automation

Harness full potential of cloud-native stack

Castor comes pre-integrated with 30+ popular cloud-native components, sensibly integrated to work in harmony.



Container Orchestration



Private Git Server



Private Registry

Argo CD

Argo CD

Private CI/CD Application



Configurations and Alerting



Image Scanning






Service Mesh and Ingress



Service Proxy



Metrics, Logging & Alerting



Observability and Monitoring

Cert Manager

Cert Manager

Certificate Management

Castor has native integrations with key AWS services

Access AWS services through our easy to use interface. No need to log-in to your AWS account or use CLI tools.

With sensible defaults keyed-in, you get high performance at optimised costs.

Infrastructure choices

Castor respects your infrastructure choices

Castor is designed to work with all kinds of infrastructure set-up (single cloud, multi-cloud, hybrid, or on-premise).

You can host your application on the cloud platform of your choice or even on-prem.

Castor is fully configurable

Be in total control of your infrastructure

Every application is special. One-size-fits-all does not work for application platforms.

Castor’s flexible and non-opinionated design accommodates all your present and future requirements. 

You will never outgrow Castor.


Castor has loosely-coupled components. Get started with our pre-integrated components, or integrate your preferred ones.


If you have a mission-critical component, it can be configured into the platform during installation and changed as needed.
For example, your existing private registry can be migrated onto the platform.

These components can be configured to suit your requirements.
For example, you can configure deployment patterns (rolling, canary or blue/green). These can be changed later as your application changes.


You can configure the platform to reflect your current processes and best practices.


The platform has the functionality for complete automation of deployment but you can set up manual rules as needed.
For example, You can configure automated testing for staging environment, while manual for production.

The platform has the functionality to configure environments with ease. You can choose what your pipeline looks like.
For example, You can start with just 2 environments and then add further as you need.


You can configure roles and access for the pipeline that mirrors your current org structure.


You can set up roles and access as per your team structure, compliance, and security policies.
For example,
1) You can limit access to the entire pipeline to just to admin role.
2) Every developer pod can be given access to only their own repositories.

You can configure them during installation and update them later, as required.


You can configure infrastructure as per your need. Castor does not exert any limitations.


Your application cluster can run on any cloud provider of your choice - AWS, GCP, or Azure.

All of the infrastructure options of the cloud provider are available. Castor allows for it to be done automatically and with ease, but it does not limit it.
For example, Our clients often improve cloud costs by running experiments with various configurations whenever the workload changes.
With Castor I feel more in control.

We tried using Heroku and AWS pipeline and found them very restrictive and quickly grew out of them.

We needed a hybrid infrastructure set-up with cloud as well as on-prem deployments. And we were already using Elastic stack for logging. Castor team helped us configure all this in their platform and we could retain our existing processes.

Castor provides the perfect balance between automation and customisation.
Arko Dhar
CTO & Co-founder, Redinent

Castor is reliable

Once set-up, it just works.

All great infrastructures are invisible. So is Castor.

Time tested

Castor is built and optimised for over 2 years by a team of cloud-native experts who have developed and operated 100+ software projects.

Highly Available

Castor has a 99.997% availability. It is not in the critical path, so even during scheduled maintenance downtimes, your app availability does not get affected.

Disaster Proof

Castor is equipped with multiple disaster recovery and mitigation processes like managed backup, automated rollbacks, multiple region & availability zone deployments, etc.


Castor practices highest standards for data and code integrity, access control vulnerability, privacy, and end-point security.


We work with clients from fintech, InfoSec, and other highly regulated industries. Castor maintains robust audit logs and is designed to ensure all your compliance needs.

Continuously improving

Our engineers serve multiple clients and work on diverse use-cases. The learnings are built back into the platform and passed on to your team.

Let's get started

Get a platform that works for you.
Not the other way around.