Our Mission

Making high performance devOps accessible

We are a team of engineers, trying to level-up the devOps playing field.

Enabling organisations of all sizes to compete fairly in a fast changing environment.

Who are we?

Meet our founders​

Diverse yet complementary expertise. Converge to serve a common mission.

Siddharth Photo
Siddharth Upmanyu

Chief Architect, Castor

Meet Siddharth.

Siddharth has developed, operated, and consulted on 100+ software projects over the last 20 years.

In the last 5 years, he has worked on diverse projects involving Kubernetes and other cloud native technologies.

Castor is the productisation of all his expertise and frustrations. He ensures our clients always have the best version of Castor.

Engineers should build stuff, not waste time firefighting.

Mythreyi Photo
Mythreyi Manepalli

Delivery and CX

Meet Mythreyi.

Mythreyi spent the last 13 years as a user research expert, ensuring user needs guide the design of product and service offerings.

Her role is to ensure engineering teams derive the best value out of CASTOR.

Good products must fit into the flow of work and be unobtrusive.

Mayank Photo
Mayank Prakash

Sales and Partnerships

Meet Mayank.

Mayank is a sales and marketing expert with over 14 years of experience.

He interfaces with clients and partners.

He attempts to bring clarity and transparency in their DevOps transformation journey through honest communication.

Sensible automation enhances human potential.

Our company

Cognit Technologies

Cognit Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a product-led growth consultancy for tech start-ups and digital businesses. 

In the last 7 years, we’ve served clients of all sizes, from different industries.

Castor is our flagship offering.

Cognit Clients

WHY Hire US?

We are your extended 'Right hand' team

We can help you acquire a custom application platform in 7 days. That’s not something many can claim.

We've been doing this for 5+ years

We do one thing and do it right. Chances are that we have already solved the issues your team is facing today.

Avoid potential pitfalls and ensure best practices are followed.

You get a 2 year head start with Castor

We have battle-tested Castor for over 2 years on a variety of test cases.

We moved slow and with caution, so that you don't have to.

We will ensure continuous improvement

We work with multiple clients, solving diverse set of problems.

We transfer this knowledge to your team through our platform updates and newsletters.

Cloud-native space is complex. Things will break and you will invariably get stuck in unforeseen situations.

It is comforting to have an expert like Siddharth in your team. He will always find a solve and bail you out.”
Jayanta Gharat Fable
Jayanta Gharat
CTO, Fable Fintech

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Delegate DevOps automation to us. Have one less thing to worry about.